Our transformation transpires through the vision of our dear guest, botanist and globetrotter Mr. Wood. During his many stays at our hotel, taking in the breathtaking views of the city’s historical landmarks he noted that our glass atrium and sunlight throughout the day creates the perfect setting to nurture and cultivate plants. With his contagious passion Mr. Wood inspired the “avant-garde” food selection from Executive Chef Daniele Gialluisi and Pastry Chef Frederic Guinot, exploiting the subtle health benefits, aromas and tastes of microgreen herbs sourced from the botanical garden and our very own growing cabinet.

      Mr. Wood frequent recommendations on hand written postcards from all around the world unleashed head bartender Alex Pletnev to craft an exclusive selection of cocktails extracting the magical strengths of our plants, the perfect way to start the evening or finish the night. Our dedicated team has become experts in the unique properties of our botanical selection and is happy to divulge all the secrets of this detoxing experience.